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Your Italian learning will skyrocket with the addition of 1:1 private Skype lessons. Danielle will create an individualized learning plan perfect for your unique stage of development and desired learning outcomes. You’ll find that practicing pronunciation and speaking will exponentially increase your progress. $50/lesson, or a 10% discount applied for a block of 5 lessons, and a 15% discount applied with the purchase of 10 lessons. Email Danielle to set up your appointment time.

What My Students Are Saying

"Ciao, sono Gerard dall'Irlanda. I first saw Danielle on her YouTube videos - brilliant. Then I bought her book and then had skype classes with her. All wonderful. Danielle è un'insegnante eccellente. Bravissima! (love that word)." - Gerard,  Ireland

"Danielle is a gifted teacher. She combines expertise in Italian grammar, pronunciation, etc. with practical knowledge of how the language is truly used in daily interactions. She also knows how to zero in on your specific needs then focuses on them. Being a language teacher myself, I recognize and appreciate all that she brings to the lessons. She's a great teacher – sign up now!" - Maryanne, New York City

"I’ve taken several Skype Italian Lessons with Danielle now and I’m impressed with how thorough they are,how uniquely planned each one is depending if I’m traveling or working on an Opera, and how flexible she is with appointments and time changes! 5 Stars !!!" - Michael C.. Long Beach, CA

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Italian Language and Culture (PDF)

Level: Beginner

This downloadable PDF document of 61 pages will help you prepare for your upcoming trip to Italy. You’ll learn essential words and phrases, as well as culturally relevant information. Sections include: Pronunciation, Greetings, Numbers, Time, Directions, Downtown shops, Food, The train, Lodging, and a Review. Each section comes with a grammar explanation as well as a quiz/answers and many sample dialogues. Only $9.99!

Intermediate Italian Class (Online)

Level: Intermediate

This online class focuses on the most commonly used past tenses. It’s comprised of 6 chapters, each including a video lesson, written grammatical explanation, and quizzes both written and oral, as well as the answers. The chapters include: The Present Perfect, The Imperfect, The contrast between the Present Perfect and Imperfect, The Past Perfect, Reflexive Pronouns, and Articulated Prepositions. An excellent continuation for the learner who has a solid foundation in beginning level grammar and wants to take their knowledge to the next level. Two options are available: Intermediate level 1 for $75, or an upgrade to also include a Skype lesson for $100. Email Danielle  to set up your lesson time if you choose the latter option.

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The ABCs of ITalian Travel

Level: Beginner

This beginner level book is the perfect supplement to Danielle’s YouTube video lessons. It begins with an in-depth explanation of grammatical concepts essential to develop a solid foundation in Italian. The rest of the book is organized by each letter of the alphabet, focusing on important words/phrases, nouns and verbs. Its clear and simple presentation coupled with thorough explanations is great for the learner wanting to master basic Italian grammar.

There are several options to purchase this book available on the home page.

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