"Outstanding teaching..."

“Outstanding teaching is about engaging, teaching your subject matter and have everyone learning and appreciating the process, and that is what Danielle DiPietro does in her classes.” -Yolanda

“…Concise, fun, well-planned..”

“Last year I went to Italy for two weeks and didn’t speak a word of Italian. I wish I had tried to learn something of the language prior to my trip. I may be going back next year and I will be more prepared.The course I took from Danielle was concise, fun, well-planned and directed to those who will be visiting. I highly recommend the course. Salve, bobbo”

“Well worth the adventure!”

“The class that Danielle DiPietro offers is not only a great way to learn “Italian for Travelers”, it is also a great opportunity to learn travel etiquette and travel tips to make your trip to Italy stress free.  She conducts the class in a very fun, non-threatening, interactive fashion.  Well worth the adventure!” – Student

“…[she] makes the learning experience fun and entertaining!”

“Danielle’s Italian class was very helpful when my mother and I traveled to Italy this past spring.  Having an understanding of the language was beneficial, and also learning about the customs, culture and what to expect in certain situations made the trip so enjoyable. Danielle has a fabulous energy when speaking Italian and makes the learning experience fun and entertaining!” -Dina

“In a short time we have learned the basic language skills necessary to communicate comfortably…”

“Learning Italian from Danielle has been easy and fun for me and my partner. In a short time we have learned the basic language skills necessary to communicate comfortably in Italian – greetings, travel, dining, directions, numbers and much more. Danielle’s teaching method has made learning Italian very enjoyable and stress-free. We are looking forward to using our new communication skills on our upcoming trip to Italy.” -Vincenzo e Davide

“You make it so easy to understand”

“I just wanted to say "Mille Grazie" as I have been watching your you tube videos for the last year or so and they have been extremely helpful in my journey to speak the Italian language.  I almost feel like I am speaking to you directly in the lessons and you make it so easy to understand.  Sometimes i have to watch them multiple times but it is worth it.  I will be ordering your book as I feel it will be another great resource to learn from. ” -Jamey Titone

“You are the perfect instructor”

“My wife, who is Italian American, and I wish to learn Italian, largely motivated by our recent trip to souther Italy, where we met my wife's Italian relatives.  After watching some of your YoutTUbe videos and reading your online profile, we believe you are the perfect instructor!”  -Stu

“amazing teacher”

“Come stai.  Nothing to say only one thing you are amazing teacher and person b ecause of you i love italian language molto bene and your style in teaching is molto nice.”  -Naahi

“Impressive and helpful”

“Grazie for providing the best Italian lessons.  We decided, on the spur of the moment, to rent an apartment in Venezia for a month next year, so thought we had better learn some Italian!!  I have looked at quite a few sites and found that yours is the most practical, impressive and helpful - che bravo! I hope that is correct.  I have purchased your lessons and look forward to your book when it becomes available. Mille grazie!”  -Evelyn