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The ABCs of Italian Travel

With a fun and easily accessible flair, ‘The ABC’s of Italian Travel’ will help the reader to acquire important words and phrases commonly used while travelling.  The book also offers a fundamental understanding of the Italian language through an in-depth explanation of grammatical concepts utilized in beginning level Italian language learning. 

The grammar components are contained within the first section.  The second section begins with the letter A, and finishes with Z, with each letter of the alphabet organized into three different categories: words and phrases, nouns, and verbs.  If you’re looking for a language book that will prepare you for your trip to Italy, or if you wish to study Italian for personal interest, you will be satisfied with the content.  Remain relaxed and enjoy learning this beautiful language!

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About Learn Italian for Travel

Learn Italian for Travel was created in order to assist you in your Italian travels. On this site you may purchase my grammar instruction book, with 10 lessons, all intended to help you with what you will need to know while travelling in Italy. On my YouTube channel, you will find  various instructional videos.  I am also available for Italian instructions via skype.  Email me if you are interested.